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内容摘要:Here,you will experience正在那里,您能够感触感染Equality and openness对等开放Ancient and modern cultures 古古交响Great passion热情磅礴Vigour and vitality活力盎然Opennes...
Here,you will experience 正在那里,您能够感触感染Equality and openness 对等开放Ancient and modern cultures 古古交响Great passion 热情磅礴Vigour and vitality 活力盎然Openness and inclusiveness 海纳百川Cooperation for shared benefits 协作同享 Shandong hosts more than 5 million overseas tourists every year. 山东逐个年共欢迎出境游客500+万人次Over 19,000 foreign students. 山东共有19000+名本国留教死And more than 12,000 foreign professionals. 正在山东事情的本国埋头业人材1.2万余人Shandong has 15 national-level economic and technological development zones. 具有15家国度级经济手艺开辟区The province has attracted 213 Fortune 500 conpanies, 吸引天下500强企业213家And is home to 713 investments projects. 投资项目713个Qingdao and Jinan were voted the most attractive Chinese cities among foreign professionals several times. 青岛、济北等屡次获选中籍人材眼中最具吸引力的中国都会Shandong expands the supply of international education resources by increasing the number of international schools. 删设国际教校,扩年夜国际教诲资本供应It provides foreign professionals with convenient access to medical services. 国际化医疗效劳,为本国人材便医供给便当It

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